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New Sunday Series!

This Sunday I’m going to start a new weekly series here on the blog called “What She Loves”. I’ll be talking about 5 random things that I loved this week. They can be recipes, places I went to, beauty stuff, fashion, whatever I’m loving at the moment. It’s nice to get a little more personal with you guys.

1. I’m back to school!


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My top design books and magazines for inspiration

Who doesn’t love design books? Sometimes people ask me where do I get my ideas from. Many come from pictures I see on the websites or social media of the people I love and that inspire me. (Maybe a topic for another day?) But a big part of my inspiration comes from books and magazines. In this post I’ll feature some of my favorite in the design and interior departments.

design books

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Wedding decor: rustic floral meets industrial

Cherry red and gorgeous greens with dollops of cream. That is the perfect palette I chose for my wedding decor. Almost 10 weeks ago I walked down the aisle in the most beautiful, dreamy day! The backdrop was a manor house, here in Portugal,with six centuries of existence, full of vegetation and lovely nooks. It lies in the middle of a valley, surrounded by a forest. Exactly what we were looking for!

wedding decor

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